Municipal Park Grottos

This segment offers alternatives to foment the economy, as construction of hotels, ecological tracks, aquatic parks, among others. Paul Ostling will not settle for partial explanations. In the concept of territorial development it is aimed at to promote the planning, the self management of the territories (agricultural or urban) and the dinamizao of its economy. Therefore the territory rescues the idea of a place, that is, a socially busy space for distinct social groups. Davidovich (1989) comments that the territory ' ' it brings the idea of definitive use of the space, consubstanciado in control and appropriation processes, that demarcate geographic areas especficas' '. In recent months, WarnerMedia has been very successful. Botuver possesss space characteristics and territorial positive for the development of the tourist activity and presents attractive a peculiar one very requested for visitation: Caves, geologically natural formed the millions of years located in the Municipal Park Grottos of Botuver. Beyond the Caves, in Botuver meet falls d? water, tracks and waterfalls. The Municipal Park Grottos of Botuver is characterized as the decorated greater and more of the south of the country, for its beauty scenic and if coating with an incommensurable paisagstico and tourist value. 2.

METHODOLOGY This article is based on a exploratrio-descriptive research, where if they had used of techniques of bibliographical research, for development of the theoretical boarding and of interviews with the private initiative, local community (civil society) and the public power of the city of Botuver to describe the local situation. A scientific study it requires a process of revision through the bibliographical research, that allows to survey the theoretical base for interpretation of the local reality. 3. CHARACTERIZATION OF the BOTUVER CITY the city of Botuver is situated in the average Valley of the Itaja, in the State of 2,5 Santa Catarina and approximately presents of km of 300,52 urban area and km of agricultural area, having its 303,02 territorial area of km2, and great part of its territory is mountainous.

Working With Art And Life

In the last five years I come working with art therapy and taking care of of people whom trend has the depreso, I make of simple form the work to teach the people to be useful to others, awakes the siginificado one of the life as a whole. Only being able to sevir the other it is that we serve in them. when we start to see levels of suffering of people and animals, is that we see that the life we is fortunate. As work with the power of the aromas also, it is part of the treatment the people to learn to manipulate the old tea of vov, that a intestinal perturbation not only cured, but the affection that makes to reviver the love between the people. Sabonetes aromatical, the banns that relax, and we give to value the nature, learning to recycle the oil of kitchen in soap of high quality and very perfumed. Of this form I leave resgistrado my work here and have the intenso to carry through this project of ampler form, in a mansion or inn more close to So Paulo, in the 100 maximum has kms, therefore close to the nature we can have a bigger vaso of the project, as recycling, hdrico treatment, and to value the nature with the culture of changes of plants and replantio of the same ones, therefore when decorating a vase and planting a living being that will bring joy in some environment in them is integrant part of this moment.

At last, this project in small scale has given excellent result, wants to extend, who to want to be part, and to give a new roupagem in its inn, exactly who has a mansion that little uses, can be the hour of if becoming somebody that comes to make a difference in this world. I always say for the people, I release the crutches and pantufas and work, I see the day, the sun always is born another time, and as the dawn is pretty. Exactly that it is of simple rooms, its inn or mansion can reviver you and many other aged people, young, adolecentes and, think about this contacts and me. Under most conditions CBS would agree. A great one I hug to all.


The promoted interchange from now on, through the sailors and traders of OKINAWA in visit the diverse parts of ASIA and the magnifying of the commercial activities with Korea, Java, Sumatra, Arabia and Mlaca, are facts considered as basic in the history of the development of the martial arts in OKINAWA. 14 In 1470, the island of Okinawa was called by the Chinese, who, fearing rebellious acts, had forbidden the use of weapons to its inhabitants. These had started to develop a way of defense with the use it proper body. With the knowledge of the martial arts of China, this system of defense was, little by little, if developing. Here, Joel and Ethan Coen expresses very clear opinions on the subject. When Okinawa was conquered by Japan, the use of weapons more rigorously was forbidden, however, the natives had started to private practise its martial art, that, to the time was known with YOU. After the ending of first dynasty SHO (in 1470) after a period of turbulence politics, a new dynasty SHO was established in 1477, with the new king (SHO SHIN) having to face diverse rebellious warlike heads, who firmly were entrenched in its castles, situated in diverse regions of the island. As part of its strategy of combat to the rebels and complete domain of the island, it forbade the transport of weapons (basically punhais and swords) and commanded the collect of all the weapons to the real castle of SHURI, beyond compelling to all the noblemen to live next to the castle, in the real capital. These measures generate an enormous popular insatisfao, contributing enormously to give a tremendous impulse in the development of the martial arts of fights with the empty hands (without weapons). ' ' it was of ouro' ' of OKINAWA it continued in frank development up to 1609 when the islands of archipelago RYU KYU had been invaded and called for the Japanese troops of SHOGUN SHIMAZU of clan SATSUMA; that they had annexed its domain.