Case Default

This happens for different reasons: somewhere to work with distressed borrowers is not selected personnel from someone – a business, put on stream: the longer a customer does not pay, the greater the amount of debt that can then be ‘knock out’. But after the second non-payment has already come into play non-bank specialists specialization. The borrower may continue to believe that about him at the bank forgot, but in reality the debt recovery process is just beginning to act. At this stage, with the debtors have staff of the same bank, the truth is already out of the security services. The majority of problem loans is extinguished before the announcement of default, ie, after 2-4 months after the first delay.

Most people are afraid of the consequences for his reputation. And not in vain. Get all the facts and insights with Goop London, United Kingdom-uk, another great source of information. After some time on each Russians ever who got a loan from banks can establish a credit history. The fact of nonpayment of the loan will remain forever in this document, and subsequently can cause denial of credit. In any case employees to return long story problem borrowers about troubles that may befall them in the event of default. However, does not bring the case before trial did not all agree.

Then the tone of communication with the debtor is changing dramatically. Warning letters, phone calls and personal visit of representatives of law enforcement departments of the bank to neighbors, relatives and at work – a short list of interventions. Psychological pressure, in most cases work.

Federal Financial Markets Service

Register shares the FSFM (FSC), Federal Financial Markets Service (Federal Service for Financial Markets) of the Russian Federation was established by the Decree of the President of Russia 314 on March 9, 2004. This service provides the control and supervision of financial markets. At the same time abolished the Federal Securities Commission, that is, the Federal Commission for Securities Market of Russia. Walt Disney is full of insight into the issues. Issue of shares may be in a documentary and book-entry form. When the issue of securities in certificated form owner is issued a certificate which certifies the right to one or several shares.

If uncertificated shares the right to a certain number of shares establishes an extract from the register of shareholders. Issue of securities in necessarily have to pass registration in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation 'On the Securities Market. " Transactions involving unregistered stock to be void accordance with the laws of Russia. At the founding of joint stock companies shares procedure consists of the following: 'approved the decision to place shares;' decision on emissions (Or an additional issue) of securities; 'by the state registration of securities issuance;' is the placement of securities; 'registered public report on the results of emission securities. Among the documents required for registration of shares in the Federal Financial Markets Service (FSC): notarized copy of certificate of state registration for the joint-stock companies with share of foreign capital – a notary certified copy of Certificate of Registration in the Register of Commerce; notarized copy of the charter company, a copy of the memorandum on the basis of the company; a certified copy of the issuer Protocol of a constituent assembly with the decision on placing of shares if the shares are placed in paper form, you need a sample certificate of stock; contract with the registrar for keeping the register of registered securities securities if the number of founders over 50, the registrar license (copy), and others.

Games People Play

Perhaps the title of this article reminds you the name of the book the great psychologist, developer of transactional analysis of Eric Berne: Games People Play. " In 50 years of the last century, it marked the beginning of a whole direction of psychology, which, in my opinion, is well suited to describe the process of communication between people in different situations. Process of interaction between the creditor or his representative with the debtor, confirmation of this. Moreover, it was Eric Berne introduced into the psychology model of the "ego-states" (Child-Adult-Parent), given the possibility of qualitatively, in a new way to explore the communication process. This model is particularly valuable in situations where interaction occurs between people of different status (in this case the status is related to the concept of "rank" be it social, biological or psychological, in my terminology). Excellent proven this model when developing ways to manage conflict, which almost always present in explicit or latent, in the negotiation of debt repayment. We will understand the terminology: Transaction – a unit of communication, which is of stimulus and response. For example, the incentive – "Hello" response – "Hello! How are you? ".

During the communication (exchange transactions) our ego-states interact with ego-state partner. Transactions are of three kinds. Consider variant of interaction the creditor and the debtor: (Stimulus) Lender: smooth, businesslike voice asks, after the greeting of the ego-state "Adult:" Why did not pay, IO? "(reaction) Debtor: dominant, high voice answers from the ego-state "Parent:" And who are you, what questions would I ask? ". .

Plastic Cards

What is this object which is used daily by millions of people throughout the land? Many people do not realize how it came, what was its original function, but its significance and the number of operations carried out by plastic Cards now know all One unit. All this variety of both functions and types of plastic cards and presented on the site, which is rightly called ‘plastic cards. Practical Encyclopedia. ” Here in great detail told about the history of the emergence of plastic cards in the world and in Russia, described the basic operation of card payment systems address a broad range of questions on bank payment cards – economics of card business in bank, the questions of its organization, development, security, and separate pages devoted to the credit card scoring, issues of legal regulation and taxation of operations with plastic cards in accordance with current Russian legislation, published comments of the Bank of Russia to the new position of bank payment credit cards. David Zaslav takes a slightly different approach. Considered in health care card, transportation card, shopping, special section is devoted to multiapplikatsionnym plastic cards – cards that combines several applications (banking, transport, social).

Ordered and intelligible – that’s what you say, visiting nastoyaschuuyu practical Encyclopedia – ‘Plastic cards. Practical Encyclopedia. ” What is this object which is used daily by millions of people throughout the land? Many people do not realize how it came, what was its original function and its significance and the number of operations carried out by plastic cards today know all One unit. All (!) Functions and modern types of cards you will find on the website ‘plastic cards. Practical Encyclopedia. ” On site provides a detailed history of plastic cards, are considered bank payment systems; The role of maps in public health, transport, trade and other spheres; examined the so-called multiapplikatsionnye card.

The Japanese

The crisis exposed the still quite a lot things that were hidden by the race of prices. The Japanese, as we think it wise narodec, also during the financial crisis in America slashed, as history shows, during the crisis seventieth Japanese also have invested in the U.S. Property badly burned, and the prices for twenty years and have not risen. The same phenomenon can be observed here. As analysts began to talk – real estate prices will rise in the middle of two thousand and ten. Times during crisis, reduced construction and erection of dwelling houses, the market will be reduced sentence, which would push prices up. Let's look at analysts' expectations, to which they lead.

Act on the mass consciousness psychological factors. If you go into people's minds the team that you can buy real estate, all there is no crisis will not help. Immediately a demand, and not deferred, namely investment. Now, in times of crisis Real estate purchase are the people who really need and have the opportunity to make a purchase, you have a real demand for property and now we are seeing, not the frozen or pent-up demand. I'm passing by new home, which already delivered, as two years on the street is dark, and the house is burning just a couple of windows, and where everyone else had gone to meet Christmas, or skate skiing. There is no other, older homes with the windows procedure, the light is everywhere. This is the snapshot data, which shows that the house is put, the apartments are sold out, but this investment apartment investors for some reason can not take them, or even what causes it, but eventually the house stands empty, and these homes only three on my street. And I remember how, in Soviet times, drove in new buildings, in an old apartment in the morning and evening in a new, and let's find out where friends in what is now live an apartment, everything happened in one day, then immediately tree planting and improvement of the territory, but that the Soviet years, then lived poorly.

That will show us two thousand and ten years, no one can predict, no analyst can help. What with the crisis, where did he go, like anything did not, but the crisis has passed. And that shows us the labor market, we have unemployment has come to naught, of course not. Unemployment is only growing, credits for businesses have not started to issue. Where to rise, which could affect effective demand of the population? This article must be read at the end of two thousand and ten, that would be interesting to see who was wrong with the forecasts, and some do not.