Data Processing

Recently Web of the AEPD has been published in the page at least peculiar resolution, that shows the necessity motivadamente to base the facts and reasons by which a person considers that a information published in kind Internet against her right to the dignity and protection of data. The resolution at issue is the R/01545/2011. The news that appeared in Internet made reference to the entailment of this certain person with a drug trafficking network. Affected, that did not want that the news could be well-known by the totality of the population, decided to solicit to two of the finders of reference, Yahoo and Google, that came to stop in the treatment of their personal data exercising their right of opposition, or in its defect they would come to cancel its personal data in these finders. The Agency during 25 leaves is dedicated to base legally if the finders are forced to take care of these requirements according to have establishment or means in the territory of the Spanish State, or of the European Community. For it reference does to several resolutions and recommendations previous as much of own Agency, like of Work group of Article 29, in that they reach the final conclusion that these two finders have as much establishments in Spain, as use means in our territory to realise the search, and therefore they must take care of the request of rights ARC that considers to them by the individuals.

Is the good news for which we did not know like doing it, because the answer which we have always received from Google is that the main company is in America, and therefore the Spanish legislation is not applied there. But the Agency goes further on, and analyzes a requirement that until now was unnoticed past..

Facebook Systems

In which we almost took of 2011 there has been day in that we did not have knowledge of some attack to the computer science systems of companies or governments, who of more or less serious way outside affected to users and particular clients or with the robbery of personal data, banking, directions of electronic mail or no any information that could have stored the corporations in their servants. As example of these cases we have to Sony, Citibank, Google, Honda Canada and a long list of others, in our country we have the recent example of Inteco. These attacks are mounted by people described with I finish already known by all, hackers. Nowadays this term suggests the image of a person who in a dark room and to high hours of the dawn tries with harmful intentions to accede to the system of some company or governmental organization, but this to us not always has been thus. The Hack term at first talked about to a simple, creative and elegant solution for a problem. In many cases they did not happen to be practical jokes. With the passage of time went associating to the field of the computer science programming, where a Hack was the creation of something new and innovating in programming.

Today, these practical jokes and creations have been transformed into attacks coordinated with clear economic aims, or own benefit like causing lost for the victim. By all it is known that risk zero is impossible to reach, will always exist forms to break a security system and is for that reason reason why important companies like Google or Facebook, that are white very substantial for hackers, have resorted to that one saying of if you cannot with your enemy, nete to him, and of this form they offer rewards to which discovers and they communicate faults to them of security in his systems. The present situation that we are living is a great preoccupation and perhaps even more important annoyance for companies and users but that this, is possible a lost one of confidence in the systems computerized yet what it entails in a world where more and more we trusted our data to these tools. They are undeniable the benefits that contribute to the advances in the digital world and its evolution to us are unstoppable, but the happened cases this year make silverplate themselves if the security has been sacrificed to obtain a faster and profitable advance. The question of if the companies put all average ones to protect their systems before sending them and protecting therefore the information of their clients this in the air. udea, Security of the Information Alvaro Aritio Department of Management