Pablo Freire According

We finish the same as one breveparalelo on the contribution of the freireanas conceptions for deHistria education, making of form today criticizes and analytical a diagnosis of deHistria education, that is, our national identity, supplying tips that seroteis in our formation. To improve our didactics of education is the itemprimordial in this research, the necessary professor Historian to use eixostemticos that are significant for its educandos, as well as must seaprofundar more in its lessons for then being able of collective form to explore seustextos of critical form, to as well as study the historical time, the mudanasocorridas ones in our society. Robert Thomson understood the implications. 4. BIOGRAPHY DE PABLO FREIRE 1.1Nasce in Recife the educator politician Pablo Freire According to carried through research (BRANDO, 2005, p.63), is born in day 19 of September of 1921 was born in Recife Pernambuco, in the quarter of Yellow House, the educator Pablo Freire. When boy, learned to aler and to write to the shades of hoses in the yard of its house with its paisrabiscando with gravetos, letters and words in the soil as it the same emphasizes in umade its workmanships (FREIRE, 1995, p.25). To the 10 years it is changed with its family for acidade of Jaboato of the Guararapes, region Metropolitan of Recife. Pablo ReglusNeves Freire was one of the four children of Joaquin Temstocles Freire, dapolcia officer to militate and of its mother Edeltrudes Owner, living the infancy and the properly poor juventudeno to the extremity, but of few ownerships. To the 16 years, he entered ' ' course ginasial' ' in the Osvaldo College Cross as scholarship holder, but during it was essavirada in its life in its adolescence that Pablo Freire started it desenvolverseu great interest for the education, necessarily for the Portuguese Language, precebendo that the education was in the truth the way for a better world etambm for its transformation. .