The fate of the Russian state was not easy. But there are certain steps to consider that makes sense, since these stages clearly reflect changes in the mentality of Russian people, which not only affects the quality of Development of the Russian state, but also in relation to it foreign counterparts. Concepts such as mentality, social thinking, social values discounted dangerous. And even more dangerous not to monitor changes / deformation of these terms. Fraught with a fall from the pedestal and the inability to adequately back him up. Mentality is not to remake? Wrong. Very easy. Enough to reorient a person with human values in a purely physical, bodily needs of man, and by cultivating them, let's go out / fade to human values.

The beginning of 19 century – 1974. Time when the main thrust and directions Russia's policy was to show / prove to everyone that the Russian people has some adamantine values. Namely: – congenital givens to the creation of the perfect and inimitable in its unique products of labor, having embodied at all levels of social, productive, spiritual, etc. Development of imperfect materials and based on pride, strength and value the spirit of our own historic origin – like-minded. At Russian from time immemorial there own historically been formed ideology. The position of the individual against attempts to invade and impose a non-native ideology coincided with position of the entire Russian society: "Do not touch. Sacred "- a tribute that has become a national tradition.